Sale: “Special Sales”

Trinity Community Thrift Store is known for our attention to detail, and the fact that we want to be sure what we offer (items/clothing/accessories) is of good quality. In addition to the Store being open, we will have a sale that utilizes the Fellowship Hall, or during an outdoor sale, the Church Lawn and/or the Parking Lot Area. What we will do when having a sale will be dependent on staffing, scheduling, and weather (for anything planned outside.


A “Special Sale” is defined as an event that usually happens AFTER the completion of a “Big Sale.” Special Sales are usually ones where we will most likely NOT have any price lists we will use.  In this case, we would simply ask the customer to make a donation for what they purchase, if they can, and if NOT, they can have it for FREE – This kind of sale is known as a “Sale By Donation”, where the customer either donates money for their purchase, or can take what they need and pay nothing.