JUNE 7, 2022

Trinity Community Thrift Store serves the Central Vermont Area as well as the entire State as a whole.  We LOVE to see visitors, whether they are In Person, or Communicating by phone, or email, and we invite people to provide Feedback to our Team to let us know how we have done.  Since we also have a online presence, this invites visitors to our site, and the BBWN, the opportunity to leave comments about our products, services, or programs.

We have helped a LOT of individuals since we opened on November 14, 2009, and have been in business since that time.  Each individual has had a unique experience when visiting us, and we have gotten a LOT of positive comments about our operations since we opened in 2009, and we believe that comments are HELPFUL, and we encourage people to communicate with us by Phone, Email and In-Person contact. We have even had visitors that have come from as far west as California, and visitors from different countries, including: The United Kingdom, Australia, and France, to name a few.

Because comments are encouraged, The Trinity Community Thrift Store will make them available in a Feedback Thread.  This will allow Brian and his team to monitor comments on the Store Site for appropriateness, and allow us to get RID of the “garbage/spammy/inappropriate/vulgar/Unsolicited” Comments that have NOTHING to do with the Operation of the Thrift Store, a Question, a Request for Information or a comment that may ask us to respond to a request via email.  Since the Thrift Store is operated by the Trinity United Methodist Church, any comments that are Overly spammy, Unsolicited, Vulgar, or inappropriate will be REMOVED, and Spammed out.

Appropriate Comments will be allowed, and will be APPROVED for publication in the Feedback Post. At this time, this will be the ONLY place Visitors/Customers will be able to leave ONLINE comments, because usually what happens is:  Robots and web-Crawlers, or idiotic programs look for open comment threads and they load them up with inappropriate comments, pharmaceutical advertisements, or they end up being loaded with site links that want you to buy something. (This is why The Thrift Store will REMOVE Unsolicited or inappropriate comments, as we do NOT want our customers to be clicking on things that can get them in trouble if they decide to read or add to comments that are posted).

Worse, they also could contain links to sites, or sites that are questionable or sites that SAY they go to a Legitimate Site, but when you click on it, you end up on a different site, or you end up with a site that does a “drive-by-download” and you don’t DO anything at all, and it will ask you “Do you want to do X” and there is a “YES/NO” dialog box.  REGARDLESS of what you choose, the dodgy site will assume a “YES” answer, so you DON’T want to:

A) Click on Anything on the Screen

B) Click Yes – That will download whatever they want to download, and most times, it is  a Virus/Spyware/malware/Adware/Ransomware – Where someone is trying to make something look legit, and then, without knowing it, you have a virus, and your machine does things that you don’t want it to do.

C) Click NO:  This is the same result as a “YES” response.

D) Click on the “X” in an attempt to close the window:  This may still result in the junk being downloaded and you becoming infected.

E). DO NOT Call any numbers if You get a Screen that says “You are Infected…….Please Call <Bla-bla-bla Number> for assistance.”

DO the following things:

Windows Users: Press The “Alt” The “Ctrl” and the “Del/Delete” Key: (all at the same time): A screen with several options Appears:  Choose “Task Manager” and Left Click to  Open Task Manager:  a Dialog Box opens up:  Find the Open browser page that has the offending page:    Left Click on that process and choose “End Process”

Mac Users:  Left  Click on the Apple menu:  Choose “Force Quit.”  A Dialog Box Appears that lists everything that is currently open, and running.  Choose the website, or the Browser that is running, and click “Force Quit” and the browser should close that out.

RUN Antivirus/Anti-Malware Software such as Malwarebytes Antimalware to be sure you are NOT infected with any junk that may have been downloaded without your knowledge or approval.  If you need further assistance there are places on the internet that you can get help with malware removal.  The best site to get assistance from is: They require you to register – This is FREE, and then you should visit: The Virus-Spyware-Malware Removal forum and follow the instructions about how to remove the offending issues.

Hopefully, our customers will not experience the impact of garbage/drive-by downloads or Vulgar or inappropriate comments:  We Strive to insure your visit will be a Happy, Enjoyable and Safe Experience for our users.