Store Pricing (Updated June 13, 2022)

Trinity Community Thrift Store takes pride in what we sell and what we display.  If you take pride in what you do, you also should take the initiative to help as many people as possible, while maximizing the availability of quality merchandise while attempting to make money to keep operating.  The Store has set its prices as low as possible to facilitate being able to help people while making money doing it.  Store Personnel evaluate and discuss pricing on a frequent basis, and also assess item condition, safety, and the ability to sell an item.

Once this is done, our Staff and Volunteers will mark and place items on shelves.  They also will mark clothing with a price that we think is fair, based on condition, safety, and ability to sell an item.  This will allow the customer to know how much something is valued at, and give them the opportunity to inspect it as they would before purchasing it at a retail store.

“The Price is What it Is”

This is because we feel that we have set a fair price for an item, and do not wish to dicker.  The reason for this is because most customers we see feel that the item is worth  the price, and are willing to pay it.  it is rare that we would go down on a set price, and if we did, it would set a precedent that pricing does not matter, because it can change every time someone says. “The Price is Too High.”

Suggested Donation Pricing

 The Store has adopted a “Suggested Donation Price” for items throughout the Store.   This eliminates the need to price items individually.  The Suggested Donation Price could be anywhere from $1.00 (for socks/undergarments) to $2.00 to $4.00 (for shirts) and $5.00 and UP for other items.   Items can also be marked with white tags as well.  If you do NOT see a price on an item, please ask a staff member or volunteer at the desk, and we will be glad to help you!


If a customer finds a “white tag” on a piece of clothing, this means that we are charging a little more for the piece of clothing.  This also applies to shoes.  The Price on this tag is what we will charge you for it.  White Tagging an item means that we have determined that the piece of clothing or an item is worth more than the base price.  Items should be marked with a White Sticker, and are marked accordingly.


Store Signage has been cut down considerably – This is because there are many items that we sell to our customers on a daily basis, and in the past, we had signage that would indicate pricing on many items.  This causes confusion to our customers, and results in customers asking what something costs regardless of sign placement.  In order to simplify things, our Suggested Donation Price List is located on the Front of the Checkout Desk, and on the Corner of the Checkout Desk.  The Jewelry Desk has a Price List Displayed Above the Desk for customers to refer to.  This Jewelry Price List is also available to customers on the Checkout Desk, on the reverse of the Suggested Donation Price List.

To That end:  Please understand that we are unable to price every item, or provide a sign that tells you what the price would be at all times.  Making changes to our Pricing Policy, and the signage setup not only makes it cleaner and more inviting, but also lets our customers know that signage is important, and will be used to inform customers of important information, such as new items being offered, hours changes, or changes to policies or procedures.

Trinity Community Thrift Store will maintain an “electronic list” of prices that we find may be needed to be added to a list, but for the most part, the Suggested Donation Lists for Items and Jewelry will remain pretty consistent, and only added to and updated at the Checkout Desk  and Jewelry Desk when we feel it is necessary.