Customer Conduct


Just as you have rules or guidelines to follow in life, or in public or maybe private situations,  You are expected to act in an appropriate manner here.  Customers attitudes and behaviors account for 90% of the actions we will take when working at the Thrift Store.  What we mean by this is that if you treat us with courtesy and  respect, we will treat you with the same courtesy and respect.  If you act in a hostile manner when you visit us, chances are you will not get the service or reactions you expect.  Our philosophy is that we treat people the way we would want  to be treated.  We here at the Thrift Store work very hard to maintain an atmosphere of safety, trust, honesty and integrity.

This being said, Trinity Community Thrift Store has guidelines that all customers must follow.  These are subject to change as necessary. We must also comply with all TUMC Church Policies in force as of the date of this writing, so there may be additional rules that are not listed here, which we must comply with.

  1. Trinity Community Thrift Store is NOT responsible for items left by customers.  We ask that you hold onto your pocketbooks, cell phones, backpacks, sunglasses, or other important items.  Please do NOT place them on the floor in the store and leave them unattended.  If you have left something in the store by accident, chances are we may still have it, and you are welcome to come back to us to search for it.  If we find an item, we will try to make an attempt to contact you if we are able, but barring that, we are NOT required to hold items, and will dispose of items left with us that  have been with us longer than 30 days, if we see fit.
  2. Patrons who are obviously under the influence of Alcohol or illegal drugs, and are exhibiting unsafe or unsound behavior while visiting us will be asked to leave the store immediately.  We take everyone's safety seriously, and we want everyone to feel safe while they are here.
  3. Weapons: (Guns/Rifles/Air Pistols/Air Rifles/Knives/Bowie Knives/Box Cutters/Razor Blades/Etc.) These are NOT permitted in the Church Building or in the Thrift Store.  Pocket knives **are** permitted, as long as they are kept in the case for the knife, and are under the control of the customer.
  4. Shoplifting:  This is a crime, and it will not be tolerated.  If you need something, please ask for it, but please do NOT steal from us.
  5. Violence will NOT be tolerated, and will be reported to appropriate agencies.
  6. Vandalism or destruction of Church or Thrift Store Property will be reported to the appropriate agencies.
  7. Trinity United Methodist Church is a "dry" building, which means Alcohol and Illegal Drugs are NOT permitted in the building, or on the grounds.
  8. Smoking or Vaping is not permitted in the Church Building, on the Ramp, or within 25 feet of the main or rear entrances.  Please smoke or vape elsewhere.
  9. Please do not block access to the back door or access ramp.  Blocking or sitting on the steps or ramp makes it hard for customers of the Food Pantry, The Thrift Store or members of the public to access the building.
  10. Donations should NOT be placed on the steps, the ramp, or in front of the doors.  Clothing and other accessories can be placed in the yellow bin in the back of the Church.  Other larger donations, or donations of Housewares or breakables can be dropped off during regular business hours.
  11. Church Parking:  Parking in the Church's Parking Lot is reserved for those who have business in the Church Building.  This includes the Food Pantry and Thrift Store.  Parking for other purposes requires that you speak to and obtain permission from either the Pastor, Church Trustees or Church Staff.  This is especially true if you are parking here after hours  or at night.
  12. Customers must comply with reasonable requests made of Food Pantry Staff, Thrift Store Staff, Church Staff or Church Trustees.
  13. These rules are subject to change at any time, without notice.