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Communication has come a long ways from the days when you used to send a pen and paper letter, and put it into the Mailbox or leave it for the postman to pick up.  Now, we can Pick up the Cell Phone, Landline Phone, or electronic device to communicate with each other, and we can usually get responses within seconds to days or weeks, but most times you get responses in 24-72 hours.

The Trinity Community Thrift Store can be communicated with in the following ways:   Snail Mail, Phone, E-Mail, Facebook, Web, Brian’s Cell Phone, and Text Message Directly to Volunteers and Staff Members.  Recently, I have noticed that people are leaving messages on our Facebook Page, and in E-Mail and Text Message Format.  The following Policy will outline how we will deal with Communications, and how long we will take to respond to your messages.

Store Phone Messages:  These are messages that are called in and left on our Answering System.  If an individual leaves a complete message, that is understandable, not garbled and has the person’s Name, Time of Call, Phone Number, and a Complete Message, it will be noted, and calls returned within 2-3 days.   Any messages that are garbled or unclear, or unable to be returned WILL BE Deleted and NOT Returned!

Electronic Mail Messages:  These are messages sent to the store director’s email address.  As a Rule, Brian checks email messages on his accounts at LEAST TWICE a Day, and is in communication with anyone who leaves him an email within a couple hours to a 2-3 day span.  Brian responds to email based on what is being discussed, or asked of him, and based on time sensitivity criteria.  As a Rule, any email received that is not spam or an ad is responded to in 48 to 72 business hours, based on how busy it is, or based on Brian’s Schedule.

Facebook Page/Facebook Messenger:  These are Messages sent to the Store’s Facebook Page.  Brian will check these at LEAST Once a week, and will return any Messages directly addressed to the Thrift Store, or reply to comments left under anything we post.  We will endeavor to check these and respond as quickly as possible, but PLEASE understand, that sometimes messages are missed, and as everyone knows, the pandemic severely limited our ability to respond to requests for help, and questions, simply because of uncertainty and the unknown.

Website (BBDC/Store):  Brian will post information on the Store Website, Facebook and when necessary and prudent our Church Facebook Page as well.  Brian will also submit information to the Church, so it can appear on it website as well.  Brian will update the website WEEKLY with information, and more often when necessary.

Text Messages and Phone Calls to Cell:  Brian will always deal with text and telephone messages from Volunteers, Customers and Church Staff FIRST, and this is because He may be receiving updates from His Staff/Church Staff/Volunteers in REAL time, and as such, these messages are given First Priority upon arrival:

Brian will respond to messages in the following order:

  1.  Messages left on Cell Phone or Text Messages.
  2. Electronic Mail Messages
  3. Store Messages Left on our Answering System
  4. Facebook Page Messages and Web Page Messages
  5. Messages left on any other medium, such as YouTube or Twitter / Instagram / Other
  6. Snail Mail sent to our Mailbox (137 Main Street Montpelier, VT 05602 In C/O Trinity Community Thrift Store)


Thank You for your patience and understanding regarding Message Responses.  It is felt that this policy is needed to assure individuals that we MAY MISS a FEW messages, but that for the most part, we will respond to any messages left within 72 hours to 1 week, and this will depend on circumstances and situations.  If for some reason, you wish to email us a message, this may be quicker, if you are looking to leave us detailed information, or to ask a general question(s) that are NOT covered in our F.A.Q.’s.