Refund Policy

Trinity Community Thrift Store Refund Policy

Trinity Community Thrift Store sells a lot of items.  Most times, a customer will purchase an item based on the idea that it is what they want or need.  The Store also allows customers the opportunity to look at, open, and test each item for themselves.  Additionally, our staff go through donations, and if they find something broken, missing, or non-working, they will remove such items from the store inventory and deposit it in the trash dumpster or the recycling dumpster.  Trinity Community Thrift Store firmly believes that we do not sell junk  – If a product does not meet our high standards, it will not be put out – Plain and Simple.

Even with our careful examination, sometimes something will get by our staff or volunteers.  If a customer reports a problem with an item, we will do our best to rectify the situation as soon as possible.

Trinity Community Thrift Store sets its prices low to allow customers to get good clean clothing and other items at reasonable prices.  That being said, the following policy is in effect with regard to refunds.


  • In general, the Thrift Store does not issue cash refunds.  This is because we allow for individuals to look at, handle, open, inspect and test each item before they purchase it.  Your Store Receipt is proof of your purchase from us, and in no way entitles a customer to a cash refund.  Store Staff will ask a customer if they want their receipt – it is the customer’s decision whether to take the receipt or not.  If they do not want the receipt at the end of the transaction, it is ripped off the roll, and deposited in the trash.
  • If a customer informs our staff of a problem with an item, we will be happy to discuss it, and try to come to an agreement as to making the situation right.  Generally, if you return an item to us because it is damaged, or unsafe, or in non-working condition. we will gladly allow for the customer to select a similar replacement item (if available) or another item of equal value.
  • If the customer cannot find a comparable  item for whatever reason, the Store will issue a store credit of equal value to the amount of the item that was damaged or non-working.  This credit can then be used to select another item.
  • In short, if you have an item that is damaged, we will either swap it out for a similar item, or issue a Store Credit.

    Thank You for your Cooperation regarding our Refund Policy!