What To Expect

You may see our “Sandwich Board” Sign on the front lawn of the Church, and when the Food Pantry is open, you also may see their sign as well. Our sign will indicate that you should use the Rear Entrance. Drive or walk up the driveway, park in our parking lot, go to the back door, and you will see the wheelchair access ramp and you will be able to enter through the back door of the building. Disabled or Elderly individuals can press the actuator outside on the ramp to open the door and enter the building. Once inside, you will see a set of stairs to your right. Go down these stairs, and you will see a white door. Simply turn left, go through this door, and follow the sign that says “Thrift Store and Food Pantry at End of Hall.” Go all the way down this hallway, and turn left, and you will be able to see the Thrift Store. Persons requiring the use of the lift to access the basement level can inquire at the office for assistance.

Once you enter the Thrift Store, you should see our staff and volunteers at the desk, or they may be working in the immediate area, possibly helping customers or dealing with donations. You will be greeted by a store volunteer or store staff. They will ask you “have you been here before” if we believe you may be a customer that we have not seen before. We will ask you if we can help you find something, and if so, one of our volunteers or staff members will be happy to assist you. Please do NOT hesitate to ask for assistance if you need it, or if you are looking for something specific, as we may not necessarily have it in the store at the moment, but could have it in our donation area.


Trinity Community Thrift Store operates on a “Suggested Donation Pricing Model.” In the Past, we had a “Base Price Model” where we would set the price of an item, and then decide whether it should be increased or decreased from time to time.  The Suggested Donation Price that is set is what we believe is a fair price for the item you wish to purchase.  Our philosophy is that most people will pay these suggested prices, and may pay more for it if they wish, but that is to them. Other times, people may pay what they can, and if not,  If you need an item, please do NOT hesitate to ask:  We do have a couple of programs we can use to help those who do not have funds to purchase them.  We also have items that may NOT appear on our Price List, and these items may and could be  specially marked. If you see a white tag or sticker, this indicates that the price of an item or piece of clothing is a bit more expensive. if you do NOT see a price on an item, please ASK.

The store also has two programs that can assist those who are in need of clothing or items. Please feel free to ask a staff member about these programs if you have an unmet need. We are here to help.

We look forward to serving you

Brian S. Baker – Executive Director
William W. Sanderson, Co-Director/Store Manager
Martha Buck, Corral Manager