Safe Haven


Trinity Community Thrift Store administers two programs that are designed to assist the public that we serve. Each of these programs are similar, in that they provide assistance to the public, by providing clothing, accessories and items to you. The difference between the programs is transparent to the customer(s), because it is only in how we record the transaction(s).

Safe Haven is  another program administered by the Trinity Community Thrift Store.  The program allows individuals to obtain store clothing or items for little to no cost.  Unlike Ida’s Closet, we may place limits on what items can be obtained through this program, as well as to place a limit on the quantity of items that can be obtained. These limits can be increased or waived in certain circumstances.

If there is something that you NEED or something that may help you, please let us know of your needs, and we will be happy to assist you if we can.  (NOTE:  Food is something that the Food Pantry staff can help you with, and Store Staff cannot assist you after hours).