Store Updates: as of 5/11/2024@13:17 EDT
Store Updates: as of 5/11/2024@13:17 EDT avatar

STORE UPDATES AS OF 5/11/2024 @13:11 EDT


The Trinity Community Thrift Store is CLOSED INDEFINITELY, as TUMC continues to recover from Flood Damage. It is UNKNOWN as to how long we will be closed, but It should be noted that Trinity United Methodist Church will announce if and when the store will reopen in the future, and until that time, the store will remain closed. If Trinity UMC decides to hold or sponsor a thrift or yard sale in the future, we will post the relevant. information on the thrift store’s Facebook page.
Thank you for your patronage, and support as the Thrift Store and the Church continues to do its important work.

RAMP BLOCKING UP:  We have been noticing that the Back Door Ramp Area is being used to drop donations off when either the store is closed or the building is locked.  Doing this prevents visitors from being able to access the building.  Additionally, visitors that use Wheelchairs, Walkers, Canes, Crutches, or wheeled mobility devices cannot access the door, or have a very limited path to travel to the door, if they are trying to enter the building to conduct business.  Please DO NOT DROP off donations in such a way that it makes the ramp inaccessible! –  – If you want to make a donation, contact us and we will discuss it with you.  Donations left like this either have to be discarded or Store Staff have to clear the ramp area so that visitors can get IN the building, and sometimes, Mobility Devices can be DAMAGED because of objects that are run over while attempting to enter!

STORE UPDATES AS OF 6/7/2022 [11:02AM EDT]

MASKS:  The Trinity United Methodist Church has had a mask mandate in place since 2020.  This is a church policy, and EVERYONE is REQUIRED to wear masks while within our building.  If you do NOT have a mask, they will be provided.  Store or Church staff may tell you that masks are required, and will ask you to use it while in the building – If you do NOT wish to wear a mask, you will be asked to leave the building.  (This is the decision of the TUMC, and will be re-evaluated as needed in an effort to keep everyone safe.)

HOURS:  Store Hours are Saturdays ONLY from 10:00 AM to 12:00 NOON.  These hours are TEMPORARY. and are subject to change – We also may be open additional days:  We will keep everyone informed of any changes to our hours.

SPECIAL SALES (Outside):  These will be scheduled as time and weather permits, and usually will be either a One or two day event.  Times for sales like this will usually run from 10AM to 2PM, and sometimes will be announced via our free media outlets.  Other times, you will notice our “Thrift Store is Open” sign, and you will know that an event is taking place – If you see us set up outside, you can ask to speak to a staff member to get information or assistance.  The Store may ALSO be open during a special sale, so please feel free to stop by the store when we are open.

DONATIONS:  They can be Dropped off at the Thrift Store during Store Hours:  (Please note that the Donation Bin will still remain CLOSED until further notice.  This will allow us to move Clothing and Items that we have in stock.  Once we feel we can open the Donation Bin, we will do so.  Please feel free to contact the store if you have questions).

BAGS:  Due to the recent change in Vermont Law, Plastic Bags are No Longer widely Available.  With the change in the law, you would most likely be given PAPER Bags, and while they have their use, and place, Plastic bags are more shopper friendly in my opinion.  While the Store DOES and May continue to have Plastic Bags available, we are NOT sure how long this will STILL  be the case.  PLEASE BRING your CLOTH/Reusable Bag(s) with You – It is Appreciated!  THANK YOU!