Ida’s Closet


Trinity Community Thrift Store administers two programs that are designed to assist the public that we serve.  Each of these programs are similar, in that they provide assistance to the public, by providing clothing, accessories and items to you.  The difference between the programs is transparent to the customer(s), because it is only in how we record the transaction(s).

IDA’S CLOSET is the program that allows customers to find quality clothing at NO CHARGE to them – Customers may take as much clothing, or as many items as they think they NEED – Please be mindful that there are others that may wish to partake in the items/clothing or accessories we offer.

Ida’s Closet has been moved to the Basement Level of the Church, near the Corral Area.  Please help us keep this area neat and tidy, and Please Hang UP items that you try on when you are done with them if you are not going to be taking them with you!

Thank You!!