Donating to Us


Good Afternoon:



Trinity Community Thrift Store donation bin is currently CLOSED to new donations for the forseeable future, as we have been going through our prior donations, and organizing our stock to determine what we have available.  When we are able to get an idea of what we have available, we will re-evaluate this decision, and will reopen the bin to donations once again. Trinity Community Thrift Store opened at the end of March 2022, and it will take some time to go through what we have available, and what we feel we can offer to you.  Anything that does NOT meet our needs will be discarded. and anything that does meet our criteria will be placed in the store on display, or will be sold at a sale event.

This decision is being made so that we are able to gauge what we have available so that we do NOT overload ourselves with donations – We will update this page again when we are able to open the donation bin to accept donations.  Please feel free to stop by and inquire about donations!

Trinity Community Thrift Store ACCEPTS donations of clothing, accessories, jewelry, housewares, electronics, linens, DVD’s CD’s Blu Ray Discs and Players for either, and any other donations that are in GOOD Condition.


Due to their AGE, we CANNOT accept the following types of items:

Old Computers (More then 5 years old), Old Printers (more than 5 years Old), Old Cell Phones, VHS Players/Recorders, VHS Tapes, customer prerecorded TV programs on VHS or DVD, Old Tube TV’s, Large Furniture, Old Cameras, Slide Projectors, Old Movie Projectors, and other items that we feel are not saleable.

for SAFETY REASONS:  We cannot accept items such as: Hunting Knives, ammunition (all types) Guns, Bows and/or Arrows, Ice Skates, or any item we feel is unsafe.  We also must comply with the rules for Thrift Stores that The United States Consumer Product Safety Commission puts out.  They do not allow us to sell items that they have under recall, or items that have been deemed unlawful to sell.

These Include things such as:

Drop Side Cribs

Sleep Positioning products for Children

Items with High Lead Content

Toys/items that are considered unsafe under the rules of the CPSC.

Items that have previously been under a recall or are under a current recall by the CPSC.


Thrift Store Staff will accept donations that are either dropped in our donation bin at the back of the church, or those donations that are brought during regular business hours.  Donations that are accepted should either be bagged or in small boxes that can be placed inside the donation bin (Big Yellow Barn)  PLEASE do not leave items for donation on the Front Steps, Back Ramp or in a place where they would cause problems for those who are accessing the Church Building for official business.  If you would like to arrange for a drop off of a large donation, please call the thrift store, and leave us a message with a description of the donation, and if possible, the number of bags or boxes you wish to donate, the TYPE of donation (What it is) and WHEN you want to drop it off.

If you need someone to pick it up because you cannot bring it to us, then we will need at LEAST 72 hours to make a decision, and line up a pickup at an appropriate time.


Please be mindful of what you are dropping in the bin:  People have been contacting us and asking for permission to retrieve items from the bin after they have been dropped in there!  As a rule, we DO NOT allow individuals to enter the bin to search for dropped items.  This is because we cannot be held responsible for it as the bin is cleared by staff on a DAILY basis.

If a person drops an item into the bin during regular business hours that they do NOT wish to donate to us, our donation staff can assist you with retrieving things such as car keys, or other important items.  This is the ONLY exception to this rule, which will be allowed at our discretion.

PLEASE DO NOT put the following items into the bin

Household Trash

Yard Waste

Sheet Metal

Unbagged clothing or items

Wet and or Moldy/Smelly items, or items that are or would be considered unsafe to sell or not desirable to sell.

Human, Dog, or other animal waste

Food Scraps, Compost, Food Products, and any other item that would be considered a danger to the health and or safety of the Thrift Store Staff or Volunteers. 


Trinity Community Thrift Store and the Trinity United Methodist Church expressly forbid individuals from playing in, on, or around garbage and recycling dumpsters or the Donation Barn.  Individuals who are engaging in this type of behavior will be reported to the Montpelier Police Department.  This also includes activities such as Climbing on or INTO the Donation Bin for the purposes of damaging the Donation Bin.  Doing this is dangerous and can result in individuals being hurt as a result of these actions. 

It is also forbidden for individuals to SLEEP on the RAMP or IN the Donation Bin – this causes unnecessary work for Store Donation Department Volunteers, who would have to clean up or clean out the bin after it is left a shambles with ripped open bags all over the place.  Church Trustees will report incidents to the Executive Director, the Police and will take appropriate action as needed.

Thank You for your understanding regarding these important matters!

Brian S. Baker