Sale: “Big Sales”

Trinity Community Thrift Store is known for our attention to detail, and the fact that we want to be sure what we offer (items/clothing/accessories) is of good quality.  In addition to the Store being open, we will have a sale that utilizes the Fellowship Hall, or during an outdoor sale, the Church Lawn and/or the Parking Lot Area.  What we will do when having a sale will be dependent on  staffing, scheduling, and weather (for anything planned outside.


A “Big Sale” is defined as an event that happens a MINIMUM of 3, or possibly 4 times a year, Once in Spring, Once in Summer, Once in the Fall, and Once during the Holiday Season (Christmas Sale).  We may have additional sales if we feel the need, and will advertise sales like this using our free outlets.

A “Big Sale” is usually held in the Fellowship Hall, and utilizes the space upstairs.  The duration can be anywhere from 2 to a maximum of 4 days, but as a rule, a “Big Sale” will be 2-3 days in duration, and usually will be held from 10AM to 4PM, and this will be dependent on staffing and circumstances we find ourselves in at the time.

“Big Sales” usually have Price Lists that are SUGGESTED DONATION Prices, and are posted on the poles around the room, and a price list is always at our checkout station.  If anyone has any questions or problems, one of our staff will be available to answer any questions you may have.

DONATIONS DURING SALES:  Normally, we will always accept donations during the entirety of the sale, and you can drop donations off throughout the sale.  If there are any questions about what we will and will NOT accept during a sale, please feel free to ask Brian, or one of his staff, and we will be glad to assist you.

Regardless of the sale type, a portion of the money raised will be allocated to our “Helping Hands” Program, managed by TUMC – This money is used to assist the community in many ways.